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Tsvetana Kulinska

Managing Director

The driving force that can make a miracle happen in less than three days.

Nadejda Sivova

Social Media Manager

The sweetest gal in the world, the loving heart of our office and the hard worker that never quits! Between account managing, copywriting and SM planning you can catch Nadezhda chasing sunsets around the world – now that’s the travel buff whose contact you want, because you know what they say – big things come in petite packages!

Katrin Zaharieva

Social Media Expert

Graphic designer and social media addict who can make any project shine like a diamond in the digital sky. Charming model in her spare time, this girl knows how to work hard and play hard!

Stilyana Ivanova

Design Master

Colorful at heart, a photographer by calling, in the hours spent with the camera, she is left to be seduced by the light.

Anastasiya Stoeva

Digital Editor

Fueled by words, art, film, music (and at least two cups of coffee), Ani is a digital editor, passionate about building worlds of words, who is always there to keep you updated on all things culture. If you wonder what to watch tonight, she will not only deliver, but you will end up with a must-watch list for months.